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 Ft. Loki, Bucky and Sam!!!

"Guys guys!!!!" Clint called as he ran into the lining room where you and the rest of the Avengers were sitting. "Guys!!!!!" He panted as he tried to catch his breath. Everyone shared unamused looks. After another few moments of dog panting Clint caught his breath and straightened up.
"Guys!!! I've just came up with the best idea EVER!!!!! Since you're all bored we can all do it!!!" He squealed.
"We're not bored we're just-"
"Okay so does everyone remember how to play 'don't let the balloon touch the floor'?" He asked. Everyone nodded.
"Clint, that's a child's game every-"
"No but I found this really fun way of playing it and it's fun!!!" He assured. "It's quite tricky too. It'll be a challenge, it's also considered a team building exercise! Please?!?!?!?" He begged with his biggest pair of puppy dog eyes that not even Natasha could refuse.
"I'm in!"
"Me too!"
"AS AM I." Everyone else nodded in agreement.
"Okay so how do we play this more 'challenging' balloon game Clintey?" You asked.
"It's easy! Everyone has to tie their hands behind their back and pick a partner. Someone has to blow up a balloon first and toss it in the air. The teams have to try catch it Between their cheeks and both of the team members have to try get it into a basket without tripping,dropping it or getting it stolen." He explained
"Pfffft. That's not a challenge. That's preschool stuff." Tony remarked.
"Good. So you understand now everyone pick a partner. Dibs on Tasha!!" Clint squealed as he ran over and looped his arm with Natasha's.
"I shall be partners with my brother!" Thor said wrapping his arm around Loki, who sighed in discontent.
"I'm with Steve." Sam said walking over to Steve.
"I'm with my science brotha from anotha motha!" Tony announced wrapping his arms around Bruce and nuzzling the poor fella.
"I'll be with Bucky then!" You cheered as you skipped over to Bucky who smiled faintly in return.
"Good! now everyone tie your hands behind your back." Clint instructed as he passed everyone a piece of rope.

Once everyone's hands were tied up and the balloon was blown up, they were ready for the game to start.
"Wait a minute! Who's going to throw the balloon and be the referee?" Clint realised. Everyone clicked immediately and called out:
She hurried though the door thinking there to be an emergency. The look on her face was priceless when she saw everyone standing in a circle around a blue balloon with their hands tied behind their back.
"What the-?"
"Can you be our referee sweetie?" Tony asked with puppy dog eyes. She sighed in defeat.
"Fine. What do I do?" She asked blankly.
"Basically you throw the balloon up in the air. Anyone who let's it touch the floor or bursts it is out." Clint explained.
"Okay." She said as she walked into the circle and picked up the balloon. "Ready. Set. Go!" She threw the balloon into the air then moved out of the way.
"Wait what are the rules?" Steve asked suddenly. Everyone's eyes were still fixed on the slowly falling balloon. Could she have thrown it any higher?!?!
"There are none, except if your team drops or bursts it their out." Clint said.

Once the balloon had fallen into reach chaos broke out. Everyone took full advantage of the no rules and began shoving each other frantically trying to reach the balloon. The tallest team, which was of course Thor and Loki, got it first. Each of them placed a cheek on it and tried to carry it over to the basket. Everyone else was still shoving them but they proved stronger. It took Natasha's clever thinking to overpower them. She stuck her foot in front of them successfully tripping the two of them over. The balloon fell to the floor.
"Thor! Loki! You're out!" Pepper called. Loki growled in annoyance.
"Stupid girl...*mumble mumble*...Thor's fault...*mumble mumble*..." He cursed as he sulked on the couch next to his older brother.

Once the two of them were in the 'out zone', Pepper threw the balloon up in the air once more.
"God I don't get payed enough for this." She shook her head as she watched the childish grown ups throw themselves at the balloon again. The team that caught it this time was Steve and Sam, the second tallest team. The two caught it between their cheeks an ran over to the basket. The other teams were trying to play dirty like Natasha had previously done. They stuck their feet, or in Tonys case entire body, in front of the two of them attempting to trip them up. Steve being the great leader he was, got them around all the obstacles and the two successfully placed the balloon in the basket.
"One point to Steve and Sample!" Pepper clapped.
"Yeah! Go team America!" Sam chuckled as he and Steve bumped chests.
"Wait! We're having team names now? I'm naming my team! We are...the science bros!" Tony smirked as he once again wrapped his arms around poor Bruce.
"How is this my life?" He face palmed. Tony snickered at his reaction.
"We're team Clint!" Clint called out.
"I refuse to play this game if that's my teams name." Nat scolded. "Why can't we be called something S.H.I.E.L.D?" She suggested. Clint gave a thumbs up in approval.
"What should we call our team Bucky?" You asked kindly. He shrugged in response.
"I dunno. Team winter?"
"If you want to!"
"Team winter it is!" He replied smiling...or at least as much of a smile as he could pull.
Loki continued to sulk on the couch. "We can be team losers." He growled loud enough for most to hear. Poor Loki. The moods he went into when he didn't get his way were like that of a kids. If only he could watch the game and cheer on the other teams happily like Thor does. Thor wrapped an arm around his moody younger brother.
"Cheer up brother!" Loki wriggled out of Thor's grip and sulked some more.
"C'mon Loki! Don't be a big baby! It's only a game!" You teased. He didn't take that jokingly either.
"Oh gods."
"Here we go."
"This again."
"Dammit Loki don't start this again!" You scowled.

------time-skip of the avengers arguing with Loki, resulting in Loki being sent to his room-----

Now that Loki had been banished to his room (with help from Thor's good friend mjolnir), the game could recommence.

So far Steve and Sam were in the lead with one point and the rest were tied with zero.

"Aaaaaaand GO!" Pepper yelled as she threw the balloon in the air. Steve and Sam almost got it again until you and Bucky decided not to play nice anymore. You rammed into Sam and Bucky into Steve, sending the two of them flying backwards onto the floor. You them grabbed the balloon between your cheeks and ran towards the basket before Team America had a chance to kill you. The two of you managed to get the balloon in the basket with enough time to spare.
"Point to Team Winter!" Pepper called.
"Woohoo!" You and Bucky cheered victoriously. The two of you bumped chests mocking Steve and Sam. Bucky of course, was a lot more gentle than the two of them were.
"Cheaters!" Sam protested even though he knew the attempt was futile. You and Bucky smirked at each other.

"Okay aaaaaand once again... GO!" The balloon was thrown in the air again. This time a determined Tony was attempting to get it before the taller teams did.
"ITS MINE!!!!" He yelled maniacally as he (unbelievably) shoved the stronger teams away. Once he got tired he pushed Bruce out in front of him. "Back I say! I have a hulk! And I'm not afraid to unleash it!!!" Everyone moved away from Bruce who was no doubt already somewhat ticked at Tony for using him as a human shield.
Team Science Bros managed to get a hold of the balloon anyway. Tony being the idiot he was didn't care if Bruce got pushed or hurt or tripped. He would though in about...3...2...1...


"ShitshitshitshitShitshitshitshitShitshitshitshitShitshitshitshitShitshitshitshit!!!!!!!!!!!"Tony ran for the lab as fast as he could attempting to summon one of his iron man suits but to his luck, it didn't work. "BRUCE PLEASE!!! IM SORRYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!"

Several moments later there was the sound of a window shattering and iron man flying off into the distance followed closely by Hulk.
"My god, that man is an idiot." Pepper sighed. "Sorry guys I have to go. Thor you can be the referee. I'll need to see to the tower."
"What about Tony?" Steve asked
"It's his fault. He can deal with it!" She waved as she headed towards the elevator.
"Well...looks like we're down to three teams...!"

"Alright my friends! You may...begin!!!" Thor announced as he threw the balloon.
"We've got it!" Team America claimed.
"No! It's ours!" Team Winter protested
"Got it!" Team S.H.I.E.L.D. corrected as they moved between the other teams and caught the balloon.
"Go Clint! Move!" Natasha hurried as the two darted for the basket. You and Bucky pushed them against each other hoping to cause them to burst the balloon. "No you don't!" Natasha swiftly swung her leg back kicking Bucky in the jewels. He fell to the floor and doubled over in pain.
"Bucky!" You stopped pushing into Clint and ran to your teammate immediately. Clint and Natasha smirked viciously.
"Nice work!" The two proceeded towards the basket and just managed to place the balloon in before team America flattened them.  "Go team S.H.I.E.L.D!!!"

               ---------------------Time skip brought by a sulky Loki---------------------

Due to Natasha's "harder than intended" kick in the balls to Bucky, the two of you had had to forfeit since Bucky was in no condition to play. Instead he sat on the couch with an ice pack held to his downstairs. You contently sat next to him and watched the game continue.
"Sorry we had to forfeit." Bucky apologised.
"It's not your fault! That probably hurts a lot....I wouldn't know it's all good!" You punched his shoulder playfully. He half smiled in return.

It was now the semi finals of the epic balloon game! The opposing teams stared each other down fiercely. The referee, also known as Thor. Threw the balloon high into the air and within minutes....!



The two of them stood arguing over who had bursts the ballon. Once Team America had grabbed it Team S.H.I.E.L.D. tried to get a hold of it. The four of them ended up landing on top of each other bursting the balloon in the process.



You and Thor were attempting (and failing) to calm things down. Even Loki had come out of his room to see what all the fuss was about. He was being no help of course. He sat on the couch next to poor suffering Bucky and listened to him explain what had happened once he left.
"GUYS!!! we don't know what team burst the balloon so can't we just settle for a tie?" You ask as calmly as possible.
"NO!!!" The four of them denied.
"We'll settle this the good old way!" Natasha said.
"Yes! Sparring session in the training room!" Steve added.
"Last team standing wins!" Sam confirmed. The four of them then ran off to collect their weapons and begin the match. You and Thor sighed in defeat. To think all of this started about an hour ago when Clint wanted to play a silly game that everyone thought was stupid. Look where that ended up!
"Thor you're referee. Make sure they don't hurt each other too much down there." You said and patted him of the back.
"Do not worry lady (y/n). I will make sure our friends do not harm each other." He assured you as he walked off towards the training room. 'Honestly!' You thought. 'Y'think Steve or Natasha would have more sense!' You walked over and sat between Bucky and Loki on the couch. You looked out the window into the distance.
"Well, at least we'll know not to play with balloons next time." You stated blankly. The three of you slouched into the couch before Loki and Bucky replied;


Extended ending!!!

Once the whole, 'balloon incident,' as it was now called was resolved, everything was almost back to normal.

"Where's Tony?" You asked concerned when you noticed his absence.

"And Bru-..... Wait."

You all looked at each other in shock remembering what'd happened to the two of them.


"Don't even bother!!!" Tony snarled as he exited the elevator. He was carrying an out cold and almost naked Bruce banner. What was left of his suit was piled in a scrap heap in the elevator or somehow clinging to his bruised and beaten body. "Thanks for the back up!!!"

"Who won though?!"

This is a real game. I've played it before. Trust me. XD

I haven't posted all that much recently. Guess summer just has me really busy and all that! The sunlight and warmth is precious here in Ireland. So we take full advantage of it. XD

Yay I added Sam for the very first time! Go me! Did I get his character alright?

I feel bad for mKing Bucky feel pain! D'X
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